Man fixing a motorbike

So you want a unique custom bike?

You can alter your frame or forks to give your bike whatever look you want.  Rebuild or restore your classic Harley frame and fork, transform your newer Harley into a style that's all your own, or modify your racing import for looks and performance.  Tell us how you want it, we'll fabricate your dream machine!

Assembling a motorbike

Your Harley or Suzuki will be Gnarly!

You want your Harley to go beyond radical?  Beyond extreme?  When you re-fabricate your frame and forks you transform the look of your bike to something altogether unrecognizable, and uniquely you.  There are so many options for enhancing the look and performance of your ride, you just have to come in and discuss them with us. 

  • Swingarm modification
  • Forks shortening
  • Frames short necking
  • Cut seat rails
  • Remove tabs
  • Swingarm lengthening
  • Underbracing
  • Antique frames straigtened/repaired/restored

Your import racer will get crazy!

Whether you want a different look, comfort modification, or performance enhancement, we can take your import bike and make a drag cycle like no other.  How fast and how furious do you want it?  Why ride a motorcycle when you can be the pilot of a supersonic rocket!

  • short necking
  • cut rail
  • trim
  • extra tabs
  • swingarm lengthening
  • underbracing
  • fork shortening

Contact us for custom frame and forks fabrications.


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