Motorcycle body

You want fast? We got fast!

Do you want to find out what your bike can really do?  We specialize in racing Harley Davidson and import motorcycles with our Interstate Racing Team.  If you want to tap into the full potential of your bike for speed and power, please give us a call.

Life in the fast lane.

Ever dreamed of owning a high performance dream machine?  You can!  We specialize in building custom racing motorcyles so you can buy your very own speed racer from our collection, or customize your own bike to satisfy your need for speed.   

  • Turbo motors
  • Stroker motors
  • Nitrous motors
  • Naturally-aspirated motors
  • 2006 Dyna Superglide, 11.09 quarter mile at 119mph.  For sale.
  • 2003 Hayabusa, 8.33 quarter mile at 165 mph.  For sale.

"If I'm out trailriding, I have a favorite motorcycle.  Riding on the road, I've got a favorite.  If I'm jumping, I have a favorite, and if I'm racing, I have a favorite."

Evel Knievel

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